The official FHG shirt is back!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.30.44 PM

Folks, we brought this shirt back and now through a company that can print these on demand. Furthermore, these babies will be on sale for $14 on Monday (Nov 30, 2015).

So what’s new? Well, we took the original logo and made it larger. We also distressed the heck out of it so it looks like you tele’d through a lawn mower. Well not quite, but it looks pretty retro like you bought it in the 80s.

Either way, the material feels good and fits quite well (we brought one in to try out of course).

The official FHG comes in multiple styles and colour – make sure to select gender. I highly recommend the heathered tees – they feel great!


Video of the week: Graham Bell skiing on vintage skis in Cervinia, Aosta Valley

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We came across this video from Erna Low  – it’s a fascinating look at vintage gear, and well these guys take a few runs down the slope. We can’t help but get excited for the upcoming season which is looking pretty stellar so far.

Some more historical information can be found on Erna Low’s history page.


West Coast Winter Wonderland

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If you’re anything like me, then there is nothing more luscious than a day, a weekend, and if you can get away with it, a week of backcountry escapism.


Photo by TheKarenD

Staring into the wide sky filling the valley before you with only your own tracks printed across it has all the luxurious fleeting joy of the calm before the storm, without any horrible storm to ruin it, just a grand jarring descent down the mountain. There are few places I hold special in my heart, as the most blissful locations to find yourself, but like any outdoor activities there are hints and tricks that you should know before you go. Here are my list of heavenly locations, and what to know before you go.

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WTF 2015: Whistler Telemark Festival

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The love of the turn – join us at the 4th Annual Whistler Telemark Festival for a day of free-heel skiing.

Always wanted to try Telemark? This is your opportunity! Expert shredder? Come and ski with a bunch of other hot Telemark skiers!


All ages and abilities welcome!

In the morning, conditions and interest will be assessed and groups will be made to ski together, exchange tips, and get a few pointers from CANSI instructors…

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Where In The World Is FHG?

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Hey everyone, I bet you’re wondering why there hasn’t been any posts lately, or maybe you’re enjoying some groomers or some pow… or puddles, depending on where you are.

somwhereFor me, it has been a tremendous year. I greeted my brand new daughter into this world and soon realized that taking care of a newborn is a lot of work – you know, changing diapers, trying very hard to tell her jokes that she can understand, and cleaning spit-up out of my hair.

Needless to say, I’ve had to put FHG on hold, and will continue to do so until things settle down. I’m afraid this won’t be until the next season. However, I haven’t given up on FHG at all. I’m still scheming up some awesome timeless articles for the future and this blog will remain open for all to enjoy. I do intend on making a comeback but it has just taken longer than expected. I’m thinking there will be posts about telemark skiing with families and shredding corduroy with your kids or something cool.

With that said, if any of you want to step up to the plate and take over as chief editor, please get in touch with me via e-mail at info at freeheelgranola dot com.

Also, I have sent over a bunch of swag to BC Telemark, so be sure to head over to the Whistler Tele Fest to grab a … well you’ll see.


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