Photo Of The Week: Dan’s Double Telemark Tip Grab

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Dan's Double Telemark Tip Grab

This week, we’re featuring this awesome photo from David Marx, here’s what he had to say:

The weather at Whitefish Mountain Resort (formerly known as the Big Mountain) is often overcast and grey.  For a professional photographer, the lack of sunny bluebird days can be a bit challenging but the weather can also be very rewarding if you are comfortable working with black and white images.  On this particular day, I was out skiing with a great skier named Dan McGregor.

Dan’s speciality was throwing big tip grabs.  As we skied through an area called “The Faults” I noticed that the clouds were lifting off to the East above a big rock jump.  Dan was game to launch it and everything lined up perfectly.

Two things make this photo special for me.  First, I love the black and white “timeless” feel.  Without any color, the image feels to me like it could be brand new or fifteen years old.  Color photos often reflect the latest trends in ski fashion.  This great if you are selling a new product but the latest trend in ski fashion often looks very dated just a few year’s later.

Most of all though the telemark double tip grab is a unique trick.  That little space between Dan’s free heels and the skis makes it clear that this is a move that no alpine skier, or snowboarder, can match!

David Marx is a digital photography instructor who has been teaching image processing software, and digital photography, for almost a decade.  Trust me, you’ll be blown away by his nature photos.  Check it out:

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